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Do it right and you will never have a feeling that money is wasted.

Ieva Treija, Marketingfans, CEO

What We Offer

Structured brainstorming sessions for companies to help them understand what marketing activities they really need

Start with why

You might know what works best for you, but let’s test it!

Focus on marketing

Structured brainstorming session according to tested methodology to check assumptions and come up with the marketing action plan

New perspectives

95% of clients change their mind on what marketing activities they really need after the session


Usually companies approach marketing agencies with a particular need.
They want more content in social media, they want to do ad campaign or they want to put poster with the new product on it the busiest street in town. 

Marketing, digital, media agencies are here to help, but the client is not always satisfied. The only reason is not taking enough time to ask WHY do what we want to do. 

Structured brainstorming session will help you to understand and identify what you really need and will show ways how to accomplish it.

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